Numerical ranges with child values

Here’s an example of what I’m after.

Example Input = “1-4,8,10,15b”
Desired Output = “1,2,3a,3b,3c,4,8,10,15b”

The idea is there’ll be a range between 1-100. Some of these may have children values (example 3a, 3b, 3c). If “3” is inputed it would capture all children. If “3a” is inputed, only that child would be selected. Ideally the ability to indicate a range (1-4).

Any recommendations with this?

Welcome to the community, @Cam_Strobel! :smiley: This isn’t currently possible with Airtable’s built-in search features. The logic you propose requires intelligently parsing numerous options (and sub-options) to pick the relevant items. Custom code using Airtable’s API is the only way I see this being done at the moment. Unfortunately I have zero API experience, so I’ll have to defer to others to take it from here.