Obtaining a field value from table Z and adding it to tables W, X &/or Y

Hey All!

I have 3x tables (W, X and Y) and each table has the same formula entered into a formula field called ‘Alias’. This ‘Alias’ field aggregates data from 3x other fields within the same table – where generally only 1x field will have data actually present. Let’s say the ‘Alias’ field in tables W, X and Y have data equal to ‘John Doe Ltd’.

(It is possible that ‘John Doe Ltd’ will appear in some/all of the ‘Alias’ fields, in any/all of the 3x tables of W, X or Y).

In another table (Z), I have aggregated the ‘Alias’ fields (via an aggregator array) from tables W, X and Y to give a list of unique aliases in Z, from all 3x tables (W, X and Y).

Next to each unique ‘Alias’ in Z, e.g., ‘John Doe Ltd’, I have a ‘Linked Field’ to retrieve an existing ‘Account Number’, from yet another table, call it table A.

So let’s say the ‘Alias’ of ‘John Doe Ltd’ (in Z) is assigned the existing ‘Account Number’ of ‘JOHNDO’, what I THEN want to do, is enter this ‘Account Number’ [of ‘JOHNDO’] into a NEW column next to the ‘Alias’ column – in each of W, X and/or Y, where the ‘Alias’ is present.

I cannot find a way to do this, apologies if I am being simple!


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