Old records disappearing

I am using airtable to keep information about upcoming events. It seems that once an event has happened, it is no longer showing on my base. Is there some sort of automatic delete that would cause this to happen? I really don’t want them to be deleted, but I can no longer find them. I have to imagine I am doing something to cause this, but I really don’t know what it could be!

Make sure you don’t have a filter set removing after event.

I must have this - how do I check for it?

Look at the top of your table, between the list of hidden fields and the group button. If it’s green and has a number on it, there’s an active filter. My hunch is that it’s filtering by event date, hiding records of events that have passed.


No filters. I thought that might be it. The only thing I can think of is maybe they were deleted inadvertently off the phone screen. Is there a way to get deleted records back? I am guessing no……

Airtable does keep regular snapshots of your base, with the number and availability of snapshots depending on your account level for the workspace that houses the base. More on that here:

Snapshots and revisions are accessed via the history button (upper-right corner when looking at a base):


It’s tough to “inadvertently” delete records in the mobile app. A simple swipe won’t do it (at least not on the iOS app). You have to open the record, scroll to the bottom, tap the “Delete record” button, and then tap on a confirmation button.

Are you the only one with access to the base?

Two others have access to it via phone to share information. I’ve spoken to one, who is sure she isn’t deleting anything. The other isn’t super tech savvy, so might do it in error – but if it can’t be done by swiping, I’m not sure how he’d do it. I doubt he’d hit a delete button. It is certainly a mystery!

My base is a list of events. Each event seems to disappear right after it is concluded. There are no filters. I am at a complete loss.

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