On create automation missing field when row created by form

Hi all,

I am triggering a script upon row creation. I want to be able to respond to form submissions and manually entering rows as we migrate to this new table.

For some reason the available “Field Values” are different when I test the “Trigger” and “Script” directly in the Automation screen:

Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 23.12.55

but when the script runs live against a form submission one field is missing:

This is how the automation is failing, but you can see in the first screenshot that that field is available when running the tests:

Is there a nuance I need to be cautious of when creating/automating form row creations?
Or should I be triggering my automation on both form and manual table row creations?

Many thanks for any advice :pray:

You will run into a problem with running the automation with manual record creation. When a record is created manually, it is created without any data in any fields.

It is difficult to tell why you are getting the error. Have you tried re-testing the automation starting with retesting the trigger and retesting every action in order? Are you using a “when form submitted” trigger and does the field appear on the form?

Thank you! I’ll investigate/experiment with different triggers too.

@kuovonne, and for anyone else interested! Turns out that I was editing my automation while it was turned on which required you to explicitly “Update” the automation after you have edited it. This was not clear to me, the UI for “updating” your edited automation could be made more obvious IMO!