On phone app, hidden fields are not hidden


When I hide some fields on the computer on some view, the same fields are still visible on my phone app (iPhone last version of app 2016/05/26) from the same view. Basically, all fiels are visible on the app

Is it normal?

Hidden Column Still Visible in iOS

Don’t know if it’s normal, but I see it as well. I’d like to see hidden fields hidden on mobile as well.


This is “normal” (as in, “by design”) for now.

A hidden field is hidden from the mobile card view, but it is still shown when the record is expanded. Similarly, on the web browser, a hidden field is hidden from the grid view, but shown when the record is expanded.

We realize this can be confusing, so we’re considering changes to make hidden field behavior a bit less surprising!


Hi Emmett,

I was just checking on this since we are running into the same issue at our company. I know this is intended functionality but it would be great to have a button at the top right that allows you to show/hide hidden cells. Also I recognize this is an old thread.

Perhaps have the cells hidden by default, unless you tap “show”?


any update on hiding what’s hidden on android app? I have many columns that are hidden but when they show up on mobile it makes it difficult to navigate and find the right columns


Same here it is very surprising, as the goal of our views is to make sure people see only the info they need.


This is silly. The point of creating a view that hides columns/fields is to simplify viewing and entering data, particularly for users other than the creator. I created a view named “entry” that hid some columns/fields, thinking it would simplify the mobile form that appears when pressing “+” in the app, but it had no effect. Consequently, I now have to tell my users “oh, just ignore those fields”. What are they smoking at Airtable to think “this is the way it should work”?


Any updates on this? I’m finding data entry quite confusing on the app due to all the hidden fields appearing.


has been quite a long time but no update, is there a product roadmap or a table where planned released are published?


Yeah, this should at leas be the same as an expanded view on desktop where hidden fields are grouped under a toggle at the bottom. I agree with previous users. I don’t want to see all these fields on any device when I hide them.