On2Air Actions - can it do what Zapier can't do today?

I looked at On2Air Actions to see if it can help where Zapier and Integromat can’t. I am looking into integrating Airtable with eBay and Amazon. I need the integration to go the other way. Right now Zapier offers only downloading data from Ebay. Same goes for https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/airtable/tradegecko.

It can’t send to eBay. Specifically I need to send new listings to ebay and amazon.

So I am wondering if On2Air is potentially a helpful solution to get the job done easier rather than have somebody custom-develop an integration between Airtable and ebay/amazon.

Hi @itoldusoandso - sounds like the issue is more related to eBay. Looks like zapier has 1 action: Create a Shipping Fulfillment

On2Air only handles the relationship with Airtable, it does not communicate with Ebay. That would be where Zapier/Integromat would fit. So unfortunately if those don’t provide the necessary integration, it would require custom development to work directly with the eBay API.

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