One Click Audio Journal

I use a single base (Contuity) as my relationship manager, task manager, journal, brainstorming tool, invoice generator, and more.

Journaling is good for you
I was using voice memos to record a 10 minute audio journal entry every day and I didn’t want my audio journals to be seperate from my written journal entries (in Airtable).

I set up a single click mobile “start recording” program that saves the audio as an attachment.

Here’s how
Tap icon
Desktop icon opens “Shortcuts”
Shortcut begins recording audio
Tap to stop recording
Email is generated with audio attached (.m4a), subject is populated with “Audio”
“To” is populated with “
“From” is populated with my email
IFTTT captures email and creates a new record with audio as the attachment and the subject and any text in the notes field.

What’s been great is discovering how frequently I use it. People suggest we record a part of a conversation to bring up later so we don’t need to take notes. I just press the shortcut. I copy them on the email so they can do as they please, and I’m able to link them in my personal CRM so I can find it with no effort later on.

Have you used airtable integrations to save audio or other types of files from emails?