One form response with multiple linked records selected


Thanks for your time. I’m looking for some help with a form that allows facilitators to sign up for training sessions. These sessions happen every week and require multiple facilitators. I’m asking for their help, so I want them to have to do them minimum amount of form-filling possible.

My ideal situation is:

  • A form in which facilitators can select their name from a drop down list (that bit is fine)
  • A form which lets them select which sessions they are able to attend (this bit is where I’m having issues)
  • And a backend system in which I can see which facilitators are attending a session easily.

I’ve been experimenting with three potential situations

  1. The facilitator chooses the date from a date field on the form
    :grinning:Upsides: I know it works
    :cry:Downsides: They might choose the wrong date, and they also have to submit multiple forms in order to share their availability with me

  2. A linked table with the specific dates already input
    :grinning:Upsides: No danger of facilitators entering the wrong date. Easy for me to organise/admin in the backend
    :cry:Downsides: Still have to submit multiple forms per facilitator

  3. A long multiselect list with the 40 dates for this year that facilitators can select.
    :grinning:Upsides: Allows facilitators to select as many dates as they can do in one form submission (yay!)
    :cry:Downsides: doesn’t allow me to view each individual date and who is signed up. I can’t group by date because the ‘group by’ option groups by each selection, so it would only group by facilitators who have chosen all the same dates, not by individual dates.

So with option 2 I’m annoying my facilitators and with option 3 I’m making life hard for myself. Is there any way I can fix this situation for us all? I’m on the free plan, but I can upgrade if I need to.

Can you please explain the problem with option 2 (a linked table with specific dates already input) would require a facilitator to submit multiple forms? In your form, users should be able to select multiple linked records, as long as the linked record field is setup to allow multiple records.

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Oh my god.
This… is… embarrassing.
Thank you, that was the issue. I’m just going to melt into a puddle of my own embarrassment now. Thank you for your time.

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