One Owner for PRO and other billing collaborators for PLUS account


I have a question regard to billing.
Is it possible to set the owner in PRO account while other billing collaborators under PLUS account?



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Short answer: no.

The owner of a workspace is charged for for all the billable collaborators in the workspace, at either the pro rate or the plus rate. Many of the features of the pro account are not (and cannot be) collaborator specific–number of records, attachment space, revision history, etc.

Hello, please help me with these:
I read all you informations about billing but the example there is unclear because of the final amount there. Please answer this to me:
Every collaborator who can edit and more = user? This means he costs 10/24 dollars per month in pro plan?
Example: I am using pro plan version, billing montly, I have 5 collaborators who can edit a base + me the owner and 2 coll. read only. So I will pay 6x24 dollars = 144 dollars per month, right?
Thank you very much for your answer.

Welcome to the Airtable community, @Karolina_Kadlecova

Yes, everyone who can edit and more is a billable user. Actually, everyone who can comment on records or more is a billable user. The per month cost depends on both the plan type (plus vs pro) and if you pay monthly or yearly. There is a discount if you pay for a full year at a time.

For your example, with six people editing data and two people read-only people,

  • plus plan, paid annually = $60/month ($720/year)
  • plus plan, paid monthly = $72/month ($864/year)
  • pro plan, paid annually = $120/month ($1440/year)
  • pro plan, paid monthly = $144/month ($1728/year)

Does anyone else find this pricing structure ridiculous and prohibitive?

Here’s what I mean: I want to create a database on the Pro Plan. In my instance, I’m running a competition where I want to keep track of entries. Simple, right? In my competition, I’d like to be able to invite 6 judges to join my database so they can see the entries and make ratings/comments.

Unless I use a one-way form where they can submit data but nothing else, I have to pay for each judge to have a pro-level account! Even if I only invite them to my base and not my entire workspace, I pay just as much. Why? In a base they can’t create more bases, but in a workspace, they can. Same price!

Bascially AirTable’s pricing structure is: I bought a $50,000 car to drive. If you want to ride in it, I have to buy each passenger a $50,000 car as well. Mind you, they don’t need their own car, they’re just a guest in my vehicle, but nevertheless, I have to pay for them to have it.

I sincerely wish that AirTable allowed for GUESTS on a Base, with a granular level approach to their access to editing that base. Guests wouldn’t need their own AirTable account and wouldn’t be able to create their own bases or workspaces, they would only have access to the base they’ve been invited to. It makes so much more sense than making users pay for multiple plus/pro level accounts just so that someone can click a few buttons in your database, especially when they have no want or need to ever use AirTable to do anything of their own.

I totally agree. I would love to have some of the advanced features that a pro account would give especially the blocks but because I collaborate with people on simple things I can’t afford to pay for them. For example doing survey analysis I was getting help from one guy who I just wanted a kanaban view so he could review comments and drag them to the correct classification. I think the idea of having a basic collaborator at a free or discounted price I would totally buy that. Like they do not have rights to create new views, utilize blocks etc. Just basic data editing. I would pay $5 a month for a user like that and $20 for myself to get access to the blocks.