One to many relationship between 2 tables in a base

I have a base with 2 tables. Table 1 is my “Contracts” table, Table 2 is my “Renewals” table. Both tables contain a field “contract n°” Every time a contract is being renewed an extra record is entered into the “Renewals table”

I have now imported my existing data in the 2 tables.

I don’t see how I can automatically link the 2 tables. I want to be able to click in table 1 and then get a view of all renewals for that contract only. I have far to much data to individually select records fom table 2 using linked record fields.

I’m probably missing out on something?

Welcome to the community, @Clipper87!

There is no automatic linking in Airtable.

You can do a one-time-only conversion of your contracts field in your renewals table into a linked record field that links to your contracts table, as long as the contract table’s contract field is the primary field.

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