One-to-One Linking Not Working


When I turn off linking to multiple records in both table fields in a linked record, I can still select multiple records in both records.

In my two tables, Projects and Estimates, I have a Project field and an Estimate field, respectively.

When I open up project 1 (the first record) and link to an estimate, I can only link to one or create one.

Likewise, when I open up Estimate 1 (the first record in the estimate table), I can’t select any records, because project 1 is already linked.

But, when I create project 2 and try to link an estimate, I can select the estimate already linked to project 1.

This seems to break the rule that neither side can have multiple links.

Am I missing something here? This seems like a pretty significant bug if I’m not.


It’s a known issue, alas, but supposedly with an eventual solution: