Ongoing sum? am i missing something this seems really basic


Ok real simple. I want to sum a column as I create it. The summary bar can do this. How do i move it to another column? If i make another column and use the sum formula it returns the entry for each row, not the total of the two rows, aka not the sum


Hi Mike,

There are basically two options:

  1. Add rows using the summary bar (which can do subtotals if the view is grouped), or

  2. Link your records to a row in another table and use rollup fields to sum it for you.

  1. so i have it grouped, but this is not helpful when i need to download it and send it to someone (excel doesnt copy summary bar) and this is not helpful when i want to do further calculations on it (subtract that sum from a total in another column)

if i sum one column in another column it does not return the sum of that column (which I could then do a further calculation on), only the current row. What is that?? That should be possible, without thinking about cells. A, then b, then it is a+b =

  1. lets say i have multiple months, and multiple contractors, how would i rollup everyones invoices by month and contractor? Am experimenting with it but no success yet