Only run automation if field is changed to certain item with "record updated" trigger


I’ve just started using Airtable, and I had a question about using an automation to change something. Right now, I would like for my completion date field to change to the current date/time once the state field is changed to “done”, but the only trigger that is there in the automation menu would trigger regardless of what the state has changed to. Would there be a way to do this with automations or would I have to find an alternate way to execute this?

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Change your automation to trigger when “record matches conditions” and set it to run when the state field is “done”.

You will also need to create a formula field with this formula:


You can hide this formula field so you don’t have to see it.

For your automation action, update the completion date field with the contents of your formula field.


this works perfectly, thank you so much!


My only concern with using the NOW() function is that it won’t necessarily match the precise time of the change. I would suggest using the LAST_MODIFIED_TIME() function, or make the field a last modified time field. Either way, that timestamp will be more accurate than NOW().


^^^ Better idea than mine!! :hugs:

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