Only show field in Gallery View if the field has data


I was hoping to show a field on a Gallery View but only if it had data in it. If this were possible some cards would show a field if there is data in it and others would not show the field if there was no data entered in the field. I have long cards taking up space with blank voids. Is this feature available?

Similarly, the cards allow the same amount of space for all fields that are showing regardless of how much data there is. If there is a one-word answer I do not need three+ lines of empty space after it. I do not need the cards to be the same length.


Welcome to the community, @Nicola_Wood!

Unfortunately, none of those things are possible with Airtable’s built-in gallery (which is very flawed, in my opinion).

I highly recommend that you submit this as a feature request in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category, and I will chime in on your post there.

Every single one of my Airtable clients who have ever tried to use the gallery have always needed BOTH OF THESE THINGS that you requested.

Ultimately, I’ve had to switch my Airtable clients to using MiniExtensions’ gallery view instead, which is located at the link below.

The downside is that it costs an extra $40 per month, but the great news is that it does everything that you have requested, and sooooo sooooo much more.

It’s the absolute perfect gallery for Airtable, and quite honestly, it’s the gallery that Airtable SHOULD’VE built into their product but never bothered to do so.

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