Open link in desktop app

It would be great if I could open an Airtable link in the Mac app instead of the web app. (I sometimes have different accounts logged in)

If a redirect (open in Airtable) isn’t possible, I think a url bar, or some way to go directly to a base given its url/id would be great


I agree that this would be a useful feature. In the meantime, I suggest getting to know the base-switcher hotkey: Command-K. That opens a popup in the middle of the window where you can type the name (or partial name) of any base, use the cursor keys to navigate the filtered list, and hit Enter to open that new base. While I use the Mac desktop app myself and often have multiple bases open in different windows for quick switching, this is still a very frequently-used hotkey when I want to keep the number of open bases to a minimum and just switch one window to a different base.

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