Opening Airtable Record Links on Android



We send direct links to Airtable records to our clients via email. But when opened up on a phone (tested on Android thus far), they just get directed to the main Airtable website.

Is it not possible for them to login and view this on their mobile device, or even ‘Open in Airtable’?




Hi Keith,

I have set up a couple of forms that drop data into Airtable from a link on Android - you need to press on the square with the arrow beside the 3 dots on the row where you set the view and enable the share link option (from your PC). It will give you a link that directs the user to the view that you would like to share with them.

Good luck. Its an awesome database - the best advance in the last few years.



Hey Mike,

Thanks for the reply! It’s nothing to do with the forms in this case, it’s just the actual record links.

E.g. opening the below link on Android - instead of taking to the login page to see this, or offering to “Open in Airtable” if it is installed - just takes the user to

Our clients want to see the record from their mobile devices (the record URLs like above are sent to them by email).