Option to customize icons/images on views

Please consider adding the ability to change the standard icon next to each view. As well as create a group by view type option. For our use case having the ability to put our client’s logo next to the view that is filtered to their records would be so helpful for quick scan selection of the view we want to open. Also, we use views as processes that trigger integrated automation based on what view the record sits in. Being able to add some “stoplight” or process icons would be game-changing.

Some ideas for you:

  • Even though you can’t add a client logo or change the view icon, you may want to consider using emojis in the name of the view, like the screenshot below.
  • You can also write a description underneath the view names as well, which might help clarify the reason for a particular view.
  • And even though there is no automatic grouping, you can now manually group views.

That’s a great suggestion. Almost embarrassed we didn’t think of that for our process views, especially considering we use emojis quite often in our single and multiple select areas. Hopefully, they will add the imageability in the future, but this does get us halfway there.

Thanks for your input.

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