Option to limit Calendar view that shows date times to work hours only

I would appreciate an option to limit the available times to schedule records to work hours (9 to 5). We can limit the dates shown to just weekdays, but available times are all over the date (2 am, 10 pm, etc.). This needs to be an option as someone may have events or projects outside of work hours or use the date field for something else. I have a manual entry date field for scheduling tasks on the calendar, and the UX is not optimized for selecting a time within work hours.

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Hm, maybe a single select field with the available hours, and then an automation to convert the single select field into a date value?

Thanks! That’s a fascinating solution. What I think we lose is the ability to drag records around on the schedule view of the calendar and have the date field update to where it’s moved (day and time). I only need eight hours for my use case, but 16 hours of the day are also unnecessarily available. I think it’s a feature request for an option on the calendar.

Ah fair enough.

True. We could use an automation to convert the chosen single select option into a date value that the schedule view of the calendar then used if you’d like? You would then have the best of both worlds

I think I see what you’re saying, but if I move the record on the calendar, the two fields will go out of sync. Plus, I would burn through automations like matchsticks.

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