Order of options in Linked Record column is inconsistent

Hey folks - can’t seem to find this in the forum.

We have an Overview table that has records that correspond to dates - every month for each year (say 2019 and 2020). In another table, we have a Linked Record column, where one can select which Overview record to link (ie the month it’s associated with).

When the user clicks to select a Linked Record, we see the choices ordered in two different ways on two different bases:



It is not obvious at all how to affect the order of these choices, but we’d very much like to. We’d like them ordered the way the Grid view on our Overview table is ordered - by year and month - or at LEAST grouped by year.

This is client-facing, so it’s pretty important for this to be sensible. How do we re-order these choices?

If you limit record selection to a view, you can specify the sort in the view. The view doesn’t have to filter out any records. It can simply specify the sort. You many want to lock the view and explain its purpose so that no-one accidentally changes it.

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Life. Saver. Thank you.

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