Order Results of Rollup in Field


Is there anyway to organize (alphabetize in my case) the results of a rollup? I’m rollingup list of people’s names and want them organized in some way within the field.

Bizarrely (and i’ve confirmed this with testing) the order is determined by the actual order you add them to the category being rolled up. so if I happened to tag ‘John Doe’ before ‘John Appleseed’ then “Doe” would come before “Appleseed” in the rollup.

Who would ever want the order something is tagged in to be the order of data? Doesn’t seem useful in any way?


Welcome to the LIFO queue!

To be honest, when I needed to have, um, 468 rolled-up elements regurgitated in a specific order, I found it easiest to enter them into a separate table, create a view sorting them as needed, reverse the sort, and finally copy-and-paste the entire column of values into an empty linked-records field so they’d come back up in the desired order.

Was this much fun?

Does it make sense that’s how it had to be done?

Once it had been created and the process successfully carried out for the first time, did it ultimately require a barely negligible amount of attention to fire out a modified rollup order whenever changes mandated?