Org chart: export as PDF [SOLVED]

Org charts are immensely useful, especially for recreating sitemaps such as in my use case.
It would also be immensely useful to be able to share/embed the block without having to share the entire table, but in the meantime an “Export to PDF” option should do it.

Also useful for exporting to PDF:

  • a toggle to expand all records
  • multiple “secondary” fields, in the same way Kanban views work.

Multiple secondary fields are now here for org chart blocks new-function-switch-and-a-recap-of-new-summer-features/ - yay :grinning:

I second the request for a print this block feature.

Being able to share site maps or multi-channel user flows in a tangible format with stakeholders is important for our work. I’m not sure how a print feature would handle the split across multiple pages for longer “hierarchy” chains or flow paths.


Yes please! I find the Timeline block very useful, and it made some colleagues very happy, untill they asked me for a pdf version so they could print it large format and put it up on the wall. The only option was to make a print screen, but this does not get all the data that is in the timeline block. Any information about the complexity of adding this option would be nice.


I would have used the ability to export as PDF today after making my org chart but alas, no.

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Indeed the Timeline would be another block we’d like to print / PDF to share with stakeholders in project exhibition tours.

The ability to present/print/see all records in the block from a single action to produce the visualisation will be a huge quality and efficiency improvement over multiple screenshots stitching together.


Yes please!
What is the point doing a fancy chart if I can’t print/show it to key stakeholder?

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Print! Print! Print!

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A huge +1 from me for this feature.

Strongly agree that being able to print and pdf the org charts would make this much more useful. Is that in the works/will it happen soon?

So far we’ve got clear use cases for the org chart, and timeline blocks. With the range of blocks and use cases expanding, I suggest re-titling this feature request to:
Blocks - print or export as PDF

My latest use case for printing is the matrix block where we’ve plotted a journey map.

Even projecting this full screen won’t be large enough. We have A3 paper on hand. Ideally I could print several pages from a block and stitch them together on the wall.


PLEASE PRINT or PDF! I clearly didn’t do my homework and instead spent hours putting together an amazing org chart/feature map, only to realize I can only share digitally. This would be so amazing printed. Back to visio… :frowning:

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I’m sitting here stitching together screenshots. Please make this happen!

Please add exporting/printing Blocks as an option!

Also request print feature in org chart block. Having to do a screen capture for the org chart is a poor way to communicate this useful block!

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Yes, all the blocks need to be exportable in either PDF/PNG/JPG format.

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Welcome to the community @michael_colacino

Indeed! Multiple screen captures, then pasting into Microsoft Word set to an A3 size landscape page, then save as PDF => painful. This morning it took nearly 30 minutes just for one org chart block. I would do this task much more frequently if we could do it more directly from the blocks themselves. PDF/print for blocks would enable speedy updates to share with stakeholders, and help line the walls of our project war rooms. :wink:

I seem to have access to the org chart block export as PDF (beta). It’s brilliant! Anyone else tried it yet?

Hi folks! As @Vernon_Fowler alluded to, we were recently beta-ing an export to PDF function for org chart, which we’ve just officially released for everyone. It’s pretty straightforward—you should now see an Export PDF button in your org chart blocks. (If you don’t see one, try reloading the block.)


Much anticipated feature – thank you @Airtable!

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