Org chart: export as PDF


Org charts are immensely useful, especially for recreating sitemaps such as in my use case.
It would also be immensely useful to be able to share/embed the block without having to share the entire table, but in the meantime an “Export to PDF” option should do it.

Also useful for exporting to PDF:

  • a toggle to expand all records
  • multiple “secondary” fields, in the same way Kanban views work.

Multiple secondary fields are now here for org chart blocks new-function-switch-and-a-recap-of-new-summer-features/ - yay :grinning:

I second the request for a print this block feature.

Being able to share site maps or multi-channel user flows in a tangible format with stakeholders is important for our work. I’m not sure how a print feature would handle the split across multiple pages for longer “hierarchy” chains or flow paths.


Yes please! I find the Timeline block very useful, and it made some colleagues very happy, untill they asked me for a pdf version so they could print it large format and put it up on the wall. The only option was to make a print screen, but this does not get all the data that is in the timeline block. Any information about the complexity of adding this option would be nice.


I would have used the ability to export as PDF today after making my org chart but alas, no.

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Indeed the Timeline would be another block we’d like to print / PDF to share with stakeholders in project exhibition tours.

The ability to present/print/see all records in the block from a single action to produce the visualisation will be a huge quality and efficiency improvement over multiple screenshots stitching together.


Yes please!
What is the point doing a fancy chart if I can’t print/show it to key stakeholder?

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Print! Print! Print!

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A huge +1 from me for this feature.


Strongly agree that being able to print and pdf the org charts would make this much more useful. Is that in the works/will it happen soon?


So far we’ve got clear use cases for the org chart, and timeline blocks. With the range of blocks and use cases expanding, I suggest re-titling this feature request to:
Blocks - print or export as PDF

My latest use case for printing is the matrix block where we’ve plotted a journey map.

Even projecting this full screen won’t be large enough. We have A3 paper on hand. Ideally I could print several pages from a block and stitch them together on the wall.


PLEASE PRINT or PDF! I clearly didn’t do my homework and instead spent hours putting together an amazing org chart/feature map, only to realize I can only share digitally. This would be so amazing printed. Back to visio… :frowning:

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I’m sitting here stitching together screenshots. Please make this happen!


Please add exporting/printing Blocks as an option!


Also request print feature in org chart block. Having to do a screen capture for the org chart is a poor way to communicate this useful block!


Yes, all the blocks need to be exportable in either PDF/PNG/JPG format.