Organizational Chart: Is there a limit to the hierarchical depth?

Is there any way to have a hierarchical structure in the organizational chart block that is more than 3 rows deep? I am building a family tree and I’d rather the org chart continue to build vertically instead of horizontally, but it seems to continuously lay out horizontally which is making some of the connections confusing to read.

Hi @Demetrie_Luke,

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I have an Org Chart that is up to 12 levels, but all the connections have to be done in the table (linking the fields to the same table) for you to be able to see it that way. If a record is added horizontally, then you might wanna check the linking of that record. Beware that the linking to Records in the same Table is not a 2 way sync and therefore when linking you have to define whether the linked fields are predecessors or successors (cannot be both).

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