Organize and group Automations

I would love the ability to reshuffle and group Automations.

I often have 10-20+ automations in one Base and they are created at different times. It would be a great help if i could organize them in a chronological, or dependant, order as i add automations to the list.

Currently if i create an automation that is the 2nd to trigger in the base but i created it months after the others that already exist, it sits at the bottom of the list and makes it very difficult to remember which Automation triggers in which sequence. (I currently have a stack of 6 automations that trigger one after another but are all jumbled in the Automation tab)


Agreed! Be sure to email with this feature request as well!

Yes! automations are great, keeping them organised and arranged in a logical order would be nice.

I would love this. Having a scrambled list of automations is unsightly and inconvenient. Being able to sort alphabetically, by date modified, etc. would be most welcome.

+100 to this; something as straightforward as the drag and drop + folders system you have for views would be so great


I keep rebuilding entire automations when I discover in the process that I attacked it in the wrong order.

Re-arranging the order would save tons of time.

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Yes please!
I try to standardize everything I do in Airtable- the names of fields, the names of tables and the names of automations. That means that all of my automations look the same, so it’s extremely hard to keep track of which ones I’ve made and not made. A drag and drop interface like with fields, filters, etc, would really help.