Organize everything with view sections

Once you start building out an Airtable base, the number of views (like the new Gantt view) can quickly multiply. To help better organize all of your views we’ve created view sections to enable base creators to organize views into collapsible sections.

This provides a new way to manage your views - especially for bases that take advantage of all the different view types, including collaborative, personal, and locked views. Utilizing view sections will allow you to easily find and take action on your views while keeping your view experience organized.

Learn more about view sections in this support article →

Collapse View


Hi @Adam_Minich ,
It seems to me that this new feature, long requested and expected by some people, including myself, does the job very well!
Well done, thank you, and let’s move on now to the “Customizable View” as predicted by @Bill.French but scriptable, at least from the Custom App SDK if it was too difficult to add to Scripting App SDK !