Organize multiple numbers each with a link to citation


I’d like to know the best way to organize a series of estimates for a population, each with its own citation.

For instance, the number of workers that may be at risk for automation is lets say somewhere between 5million and 20million. both of these estimates have a different source.

in my ideal scenario, id like a row with “diplaced worker” and under a size column, i can put both of those numbers as a linked field that someone can click on and see it as a record with a source.

so if a record mentions “displaced workers” they can click on it and see the various estimates of the size of the population and have a way to investigate the citation for each estimate.


I don’t think I’ve tested this in Airtable Blocks, yet — but I may have as part of my Black Mirror base…

  1. Make the primary field of your [Citation] table a text field.
  2. For your linked record, use the significant text as the record name, with the remainder of the record providing your citation.
  3. Through careful and clever fiddlin’ about with the Page Designer Block, embed the references in the text. For instance, you might say something like

“The coming wave of robotics-driven automation threatens the livelihood of at least 5 million (some analysts claim as many as 20 million) workers[…]” where the terms I show in bold actually serve as links to your underlying citation. Take a look at the second Page Designer Block defined in the aforementioned base for an example of how one may embed Airtable data in what is essentially narrative text.


Two things

  1. thanks for the reply but i wasnt able to find what you referred to on the black mirror table

  2. In this case, its important that the number also have at least one place where it is stand-alone or links to another group. So, lets say displaced works have 30% drop in income, i want the “30%” to link to another cell and ideally be clickable or have reference to something else.

im trying to create a database where numbers are linked to each other and citations

Thank you!