Organizing a Totals Page By Year


Hello! I am fairly new to Airtable and databases. I work at in informal education and am currently working to update how we keep our records and thought Airtable seemed like a good choice. The only issue I am running into is how to best make a totals page for us.

The different programs that we do all have some shared information and some unique information (for example, all programs count the number of adults who attended, but some count the number of kids in general and some count the number of scouts and the number of siblings). Because of that, I have a different table for each type of program. We want to keep track of our totals so I have created a totals table that I have linked to all of the fields and plan to do something like the following: rollup the kids/scouts/siblings fields in each program and then sum those rollup fields. However, we would love to have the information only show data from the current year. Is there a way to make the rollups only look at a specific time frame? Or is there some other way to organize the data that I haven’t thought of?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!