Organizing Saved Views


Good morning,

I am wondering if there is a feature which can allow us to organize our views? What I mean is I have made a number of views and I would like to organize them like a page tree. For example:

Most used

Leadership Views

You can see this list is getting long… it would be great to bucket them and be able to collapse them when not needed?


Parent/Child Relationship for Views
Ability to create folders for different views

I definitely support this.

I’ve just counted. I have 70 views in one of my tables. The implementation of view search was a life saver but still. I do have many views that are used to trigger zaps. I have to prefix them with “DO NOT edit” to avoid any user to mess with the filters and screw up the zaps and all that derives from that. I also have a group of some 20 views that are shared with individuals as read only and my users tend to use them and change the filters, messing with the read-only people ability to see the data.

I’d be great if they could be grouped so that it was clear those views are to be left alone, or group by purpose or whatever. It seems that it could be easier than setting view-level permissions :slight_smile: But anyway view organization is probably more useful for more users than view-level permissions.

Would love to see this happen.


Just to be able to organize and create groups of views within one organization to make it easier to browse the views


Same thing for blocks!


As my list of ‘Views’ evolves, I am finding it frustrating that there is no way for a view to inherit the changes I make in another view.
I would find it very helpful to create views in a hierarchy so that changes are inherited by the child view, but omitted (hidden) in the parent, if created in the child view… something like this:


Ooh, very interesting


Thanks @Hashim_Warren. Would be helpful right!
Field Width, Field Order, Field Visibility… would be enough, I’d suggest.
Filter settings might be a step too far. What do you think?

Can’t be too hard to implement, can it?


I think this would be amazing, I similarly have views that would greatly benefit from being able to inherit from the parent. Every time I insert a column it stinks to have to go through every single view and move that column from the very end over to where I want it, and then adjust the width again, and so on and so forth. Even if there was an option when creating a new column or something to “perpetuate across all views” would be great. Or “apple to the following views” selections even.


One issue to solve is reminding users that a change on THIS view will affect THAT view. It has to be elegant and obvious.

Any ideas?


There is plenty of room in that title bar to add a little bit of detail…
Maybe some sort of a breadcrumb path to indicate your position on the hierarchy could help: