Organizing Saved Views

Yes please!

It would be even better if we could create editable pages, like Microsoft Access Forms, in which we could position links to views anywhere on the form. This would allow us to group our views any way we want.

I would have one page dedicated to Admin Views and several other pages dedicated to Data Entry Personnell Views. Depending on which project a data entry person is doing, they may need to access a select handful of views, and so it would be great to give us this flexibility to group views onto pages as we see fit…

+1 I think it’s very helpful for all.

+1 for this!!!

This is a FANTASTIC idea. Sitting here just thinking about all the time that this feature would have saved me.

+1 for this too. As we all go deeper into our integrations, we naturally need more views and a nicer way to manage them :slight_smile:

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Airtable I love you.

2 years later and we are still waiting on this one. The people have spoken.

I am a new user less than 60 days and already see this as a huge need.

please, thank you. rock on.


I second Troy_Bravenboer - looks like this has been a request for a long time and is needed by many of your users. I came here looking for an answer to how to organize by views, and would love to see a response from the Airtable Team!!


Chiming in here and echoing everyone else. My list of views is growing without end. Looking for some way to better organize it all. Thanks in advance!

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I agree that it would be good to be able to group table views for better organization. We don’t have a huge amount of views in a given table, but such organization would better communicate to other users as to which views they should be using.

Another possibility would be to have “database views” (in addition to table views). This would allow customization of a single database to better serve the needs of certain departments or functions. For example, the “Marketing” version of the database would look different from the “Accounting” version. The ability to manage users into groups, and assign sets of views to specific groups, might be helpful here.

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+1, please implement this!!

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+1 - I have SO many views… please help!!

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I was thinking that THIS unachieved, imperfect UI View Tab improvement should be used by Airtable’s DEVs to pave the way to what is suggested here !
Maybe ? or not ? 'still don’t know…

@Emmett_Nicholas @Katherine_Duh

I too desperately need to be able to restrict the views that different teams can see.

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Just signed up to Airtable and, as a developer, I appreciate the features (it may be that we use this for smaller projects and save a ton of time building databases ourselves!)

On this topic, I came to this thread because I’m looking for a similar ‘grouping’ of bases as well.

Many of the templates in the ‘Universe’ have such a grouping, though I can find nothing like it in the help docs. One example is where there are groupings of ‘Neighbors’, ‘Resources’, “Skills”, etc…

This sounds like many of the posts here - and it is obviously possible (it is in a lot of the templates!) - but, how to do it??

I second that. I’d love to either arrange views in trees or to be able to separate them with horizontal lines

+1 for this please!!!

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+1 for this too please!!!

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Yes please, folders for views would be a HUGE help!

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+1 here too. The company I’m building an Airtable workspace for really needs this. The project is at risk of becoming unworkable soon without it.

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A strong +1! :pray: This would actually help using Airtable for a bigger scale and not only small projects.

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+1 please! Would be really helpful for our teams to more easily navigate our many views