Organizing Saved Views

+1 please! Would be really helpful for our teams to more easily navigate our many views

+1 for me, too! My unwieldy list of views is a real hurdle for me to get my organization into the system and using it regularly. Without views, only the data nerds in my org would ever use Airtable because it visually is little more than a spreadsheet. Having views that use the more visual representations of data (kanban, cards, calendar) are pivotal to this system working for my org. And, if people can’t easily navigate the views created for their roles or needs, I’m having trouble convincing people this system is worth our time. Also, since the view menu changed recently, the list of view titles has been cut in half, as the bottom half of that menu is fully taken up by the different view types you can select when creating a new view. This is very frustrating. The other issue is longer view titles get cut off, making it harder to navigate. The seems like a small issue, but is a serious barrier for my org.

+1 for this! Would be massively helpful.

+1 for this, this would be extremly great, if you could have Folders for Views e.g.

+1 for me, too. My organization could benefit significantly from the ability to organize views into folders. It would be great if the PTB could let us know if this is even a possibility for the near future.

This is insane. It can’t be that difficult to implement folders for views. Why hasn’t this been implemented yet?? People have been asking for it for 3+ years and it would make Airtable so much better.

This is a major stumbling block for getting portions of my team to not view Airtable as something that is messy and unorganized. Being able to put them into folders would be really helpful :).

+1 for this - would be great & helpful

+10000 for this. not understanding how this has not been implemented yet?

+1 But after 3 years and a half… I don’t know if this will ever happen… We should probably move to another product…

Would be extremely helpful for our team of 50+ users.