"Other" option for "multiple select" field

When using a form, I want to offer specific choices for students to choose from, but I also want to offer them to option to fill in some option that we haven’t thought of. (As in, “how did you hear about us? Internet search, friend, Facebook, other- tell us how”)

  • Linda

Welcome to the community, Linda! :smiley: While Airtable doesn’t natively support conditional logic that could make a text field become visible if the “Other” option is chosen, you can still put a text field as the next entry after that selection list, including a comment that the student should use it to explain their “Other” choice. They can still opt to leave it blank, though, so it’s a gamble. You could make it a required field, but then it would become a minor nuisance to those who don’t need it, so I guess you gotta pick your poison.

FWIW, there are third-party form tools that can integrate with Airtable, and which do support conditional logic. Check out On2Air: Forms by @openside if you want to go that route.

Thanks, I’ll look at that.
(Just looked - it’s $24.99 per month, and we’re a non-profit, so we’ll have to find a workaround. Any idea whether Airtable has this feature on the docket? Can’t imagine I’m the only one who wants it. Thanks!)