Out of stock items moving to a separate table so they are not included in the main one?

Not 100% sure where this should go but:

I am using airtable as a database for the teas we have in stock. However, when a tea goes out of stock, I would like to mark the item as “finished” and relocate it to a new table automatically so it isn’t included in the main count and doesn’t clutter up the table. While I know I can do that using a filter, people who are unfamiliar with airtable (or even spreadsheets/databases) have found this difficult.

I don’t want to lose the information entirely since it lets me know if something we got didn’t go over well and we don’t want to purchase again or if it’s something we really enjoyed, I want to be able to quickly add it back to the main table.

Please let me know if this is possible? I’d rather avoid manually moving this data but understand if that’s the only way.

Hey there,

The only way to ‘move’ records across tables and bases would be either via a custom script block or a tool like Integromat or Zapier

Keep in mind you will lose record comments but if you dont use those you are good to go!

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You have already discovered that filtering is the best way to show and hide “finished” items. You can save the different filtering settings (filtered and not filtered) to different views.

Teaching your fellow collaborators how to use different views is much less complicated than teaching them how to use filters or actually moving records to different tables.

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I’ll give these a look! I’m not sure how to set up a custom script block but I’ll dig into that as well. Thank you!

The people using this are not employees or collaborators. They aren’t going to sit down for an airtable lesson just to browse what we have.

Sounds good!

Also if you decide to go the automation route, I have a short video where I demo migrating records to a different table and an entirely different base.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

Ah, that wasn’t clear from your initial post. Yes, customers/clients need a more intuitive experience than employees.

It isn’t clear how you are sharing your base with your external users. If you are embedding a shared view in a website, you can share a filtered view. You can also pre-set filters in the url for a shared view.

However, if you want to automatically move records to a different table, Integromat is a good choice.

For external users, I am sharing the base by offering them a filtered view sorted by type. However, I want the users to be able to also view by location, caffeine amount, name, company, and style as well as be able to filter out results (ie: Sort by caffeine amount but filter out any black teas, or only show white teas). Most of the people using this will be able to easily sort things but I would like to avoid the hassle of users needing to also filter out for ‘finished’ teas constantly. Additionally, I can get a more accurate total of price, quantity, and other stats without ‘finished’ teas showing up on the main table.

I think the moving records is the best way to go about this and I’m going to poke around with some methods this weekend when I have time! Thank you for your reply!

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