Outlook Calendar event attachments in Airtable to Zapier

Hey everyone,

I’m running into a problem adding .ics attachments to an email from an Airtable to Outlook zap.
Background: I created a form for an event with different sessions, people can choose up to 10 sessions in the form, and it’ll send a custom schedule with their picked events through Outlook, I formated it so the sessions they don’t pick just look like free space in the schedule, but are still technically present in the zap. Originally I planned to just have the links to the video chat for each session, but the client would like those replaced with an outlook calendar event. I tried adding an .ics file as an attachment in AT, and then putting that into the Zap, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t look like a multistep zap would work since they want different events for each session chosen, which can be random. Does anyone have a suggestion, or is this not possible?

so I guess the basic question boiled down is: how do I add an .ics file, or other outlook calendar event option, to an email generated by a zap from AT to outlook?

ETA: I guess I am also not opposed to adding a link to the event that downloads a calendar file if i can embed it properly (Although I am having trouble getting this to work. Suggestions on doing a text embedded link as well?). If that’s my only option, does anyone have a suggestion on where to host those attachments with a download link?


Welcome to the community, @Hannahh_Clark! :smiley:

Could you elaborate on this? Are you manually creating new .ics files for each reservation? How exactly are you trying to use them in the zap? What exactly isn’t working?

I don’t know a ton about Zapier, but further details about what you’re trying to achieve would help anyone else who may be able to assist.

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