Overall Base calendar

I’m a beginner and I’m trying to figure out how I could create an overall Base calendar. I need to have a calendar that gives me the overview of the project (Base) drawing from multiple tables.
Thank you.

Welcome to the community! :smiley: This seems to be a popular question lately. Unfortunately, though, it’s not currently possible. Calendars in Airtable are implemented as views, and views are tied to individual tables. To view dates from all tables in a single calendar, you’ll need to make one calendar view per table, then use the provided subscription links to subscribe to all of them in a separate app (Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, etc), where they can all be seen at once.

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That’s a shame… project overview is such a basic aspect of the work

If you have dates for different aspects of your project in different tables, you might want to rethink the base design. There may be a way to reorganize the data to put all dates into a single table, which would allow you to create a single calendar view.