Packaging Costs for Meal Kits, Using a Package Costing Table

I’d like to expand my base that I use to manage my orders for meal kits. I have a table that calculates packaging cost by entering the case price, then units per case, then it gives the cost per unit. I’d like to add this cost to the different meal kit entries which are on another table.

The way that I WANT to do it is to use the “link to another record” field, then use the “lookup” field to pull the cost per unit, then use a “formula” field to sum these together. The problem is that I can only select each entry once in the “link to another record” field. So if I use, let’s say, 3 black plastic containers, I can’t calculate it properly. I guess I could have multiple entries for eack packaging item, but that seems like a weird workaround.

Is there a function that might do what I want? I’ve added “food costing” base templates, but each of those uses a separate entry for each ingredient amount (i.e. one cup of flour and two cups of flour are separate records) which is frankly a really dumb way to do it, and doesn’t translate to my packaging costs issue.

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I have a similar issue!

I have a master list of items. Some of my actual deliverables are composed of multiple items in different qtys.

I think this requires some sort of junction table, but I’m having trouble figuring it out

Hi @Adam_Walker1 & @Greg_Noonan

What you are looking for is Line Items in a staging table. Check this Base for more details.

Feel free to come back with more questions.

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