Page Block Designer - Automatically Expand Area?

Is there no way to make it so that the area for the text of the field included automatically expands or contracts depending on how much text is actually in the field being included on the page designer?

I’m trying to print multiple records per page and I can do it by shrinking the record size relative to the paper size but the issue is that I’m forced to select a larger than necessary area to ensure that none of the text is cut off should it happen to be a long note/text.

It’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be a way to automatically expand or contract the text area for the included field on the page designer or did I miss this somewhere in the settings or layout?

I’m still relatively new to Page Designer, but from what I’ve seen, everything is a fixed size. I agree that giving certain items a dynamic size would be nice. However, what also needs to be dynamic is the vertical size of the record. IMO, the vertical dimensions of the record set in Page Designer should be treated as the record’s minimum print height. When the contents of a given field require extra lines to print, the print height of the record should expand accordingly.

That’s precisely my view as well. This would resolve a lot of the issues many users currently have with the page designer and being able to print multiple records per page.