Page Builder: separate PDF for each row


I have a table that uses lookups from other tables to build the info. It shows the investments made by different individuals. Here’s a screen shot:

I want to generate PDFs where each page of the PDF is one person and a list of their investments. Some people have just one investment (row), but you can see other users have more… for example, Mike Brady as 3, so his PDF should list all 3.

How can I do this?




This is currently supported in page designer, I’ve recorded a quick walk through for you.

link to the table if it helps:


Hey, this is great! Thank you so much. Solved my problem.



I’m working with Eric on this AirTable problem and this gets us 90% of the way there. Thanks so much! One last detail – is there a way to have some of the columns total? I’d love to show people the total amount they’ve invested and the total current value?



trickier but Easy once the concept settles in…

You are looking for the rollup column type. In the investors table make a rollup column for the deals.

On mobile so I can’t explain it too well but poke around and you shall succeed!