Page designer and blocks in general


Is there a way to automate the printing and saving down/uploading of reports designed in page designer?

I’ve been playing around with ReportBin which is fantastic so far but I’m curious if I’m just missing something basic about page designer and blocks generally. Is page designer as manual as it seems?

Specific flows I’m trying to implement (either within Airtable or with the help of Zapier):

  1. New record in table automatically generates a report designed in page designer

  2. Once report is generated, is saved back as an attachment in the table

Thank you for the help.


What you’re looking to do is not possible with just Airtable but there is a possible solution using Integromat (similar to Zapier but with more logic capabilities) and it’s PDF ‘app’ which converts HTML to a PDF.

I recently wrote a blog post about this (with a different database but the process is basically the same):

Note that this process (in the blog post) ends with emailing the PDF produced but could just as well save it back to Airtable.


very helpful, thank you for the reply + blog post.