Page Designer app/block freezing on Print

Hi Airtable Community,
I have created several Page Designer apps that have been working great for months. Generating these one-page PDF documents which must be signed by our consultants with a quick turn-around has been a huge timesaver for us and we rely on them completely. We have several different versions depending upon some of the verbiage that is needed. We use Print -> Save as PDF to generate the documents needed.

A member of my team just reached out to me because one of the Page Designer apps is suddenly freezing when they hit the Print button. I tested this with multiple records to ensure the problem is not just one record, and I tested other Page Designer apps that we have to see if the problem is the app itself. It does appear to be this specific Page Designer app. I also make a copy of the app in the hopes that whatever the issue is won’t be propagated, but the copy had the same issue. It freezes when you hit Print. To my knowledge, none of the Page Designer apps has been modified since they initially were launched months ago.

The person that initially reported it to me got the attached error message.

Thanks for the help - we are really stuck here!

We just figured this out - looks like somehow the Print setting changed from “Current Record” to “Records in a Specific View” - and that had way too many records. I changed the setting back to “Current Record” and it works perfectly. It is interesting that if one user changed the Print settings, it seems to have changed them for everyone. But we are happy and relieved that this is now working properly.

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