Page Designer - Automation New Record triggers New Report PDF sent to submitter?

Hi Airtable Community,

Here is the problem I’m trying to solve, I would like to generate a new page designer report based off a new record being created and automatically email updated report.

We are updating reports we have published in the work environment on a physical whiteboard so simply sending the record/data elements doesn’t quite do the trick, we want to have a standard look/feel to the report and we are getting that from page designer but can quite crack the code in regards to how to automatically send the report. Open to any ideas or thoughts on how to address this problem.

Thanks all. Travis

Unfortunately, Page Designer can not be automated in any way. :frowning:

The best you can do is add a button that will open up that particular record in a specific Page Designer app, and then you can manually print from there.

If you really need a report to be fully automated, you would need to turn to external automation tools, such as this tool from MiniExtensions which can send your Airtable data to a template that you’ve pre-created in DocuPilot.

Alternatively, Integromat can be used to send your data to a variety of external document platforms, such as DocuPilot, Formstack Documents, and many more. (Airtable also has a built-in Formstack Documents app, but it can’t be automated either, because apps cannot be automated in Airtable.)

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