Page Designer Block, Add Date and Time Printed

Good Day All !
I use the Page Designer Block for invoicing. How can I configure so that each time a new invoice is generated, it prints that date and time on the invoice?

Hi @bob_aycock - do you mean the date/time that the invoice record was created (rather than the time the invoice was printed)? If so, add another column to the table with a formula of:


If you want the “printed time”, then I think the closest you can get to this is to have a formula field of:


This is periodically updated to the current time but note from the Airtable docs:

Returns the current date and time. (Note that the results of these functions change only when the formula is recalculated or a base is loaded. They are not updated continuously.)

So you have to close and reload the base to get it to refresh (and even then, it seems to be cached to some degree).

Either way, once you have one of the fields, add to your page design in the normal way.


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I forgot all about the NOW(), that will do what I need. Thanks!!