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Hi team, I’m loving Airtable but have a couple of questions:
Print View - is it possible to remove all the outside boarders and URLs, and just have the content in the PDF?

Second question - the page designer block, is it possible to have more than one record per page? I want to use it to create a price sheet for our products, but having only 1 record per page means I need to have a page per product.


What you mean? That’s just what the block does. Maybe you have to configure the Print dialog?



To answer your last question first (and to punt on the first one, entirely :wink: ), Page Designer was, um, designed to provide a record-centric view into data. That said, when was the last time you heard of someone using the product the way it was intended to be used, just because Airtable said so? There are definitely ways to incorporate information from multiple records in a single Page Designer page. In fact, of the 8? 9? Page Designer Blocks in my Black Mirror base, I think only 2 display data from a single record. (I recommend you make a copy of the base and then open the Blocks section fullscreen. I use Description Blocks to provide a narrative of my various adventures in data presentation.)


No fair! You’re actually using it the way it was meant to be used… :disappointed_relieved:


I am also attempting (unsuccessfully) to use page designer to print multiple records per page. Can someone please guide me on this. I have the pro plan.


It is possible. You need to make a new table (in the same base). In this table you need a column with “link to other records” it is important that you allow to “link multiple records” in this column.

When you now make a new record you put/link in all records from the other table in this column. It should now be possible to print them out with the page designer. The page designer of cause need to base on the new table.

Hope it also works for you!


You don’t need to do that.You just need to use the “Records in a specific view” option and choose your options. What you are describing is how to show Linked Records from a individual record shown in a table.

Let’s say you are organizing an event, and you have a table for the Atendees. Your could print custom invitation cards for everyone of them, like that:

And you will get this:


The Black Mirror stuff is pretty but it doesn’t answer the question I have, which I think is similar to the OP. I’m using this to write service orders to fix certain items. I want a list of the things I have to fix, IDEALLY grouped by Status, just like in a grid layout. All the data is in one table, though some of that table’s fields are lookups to others. But I can only get one record per page unless I create a parent table that uses my intended table as a lookup field and then I turn it into a table. But I don’t want the bordered table look for this, I want a horizontal row of individual fields, ideally grouped. Any idea?


Can you rough out a sample report using a word processor or similar and screenshot it (preferably along with a read-only link to your base)? I’m having a little trouble visualizing exactly what it is you want.



So I’m also having problems. I have a ton of uses in various bases, but here’s an example.

I’ve imported data from our point-of-sale, which is also our timeclock. I’d like to print out timesheets.

Imported Table has (among other fields)
ID Time/Date_In Time/Date_Out

Employee Table links using the ID. I’d like a result:

Time/Date_In Time/Date_Out
Time/Date_In Time/Date_Out
Time/Date_In Time/Date_Out
Time/Date_In Time/Date_Out
Time/Date_In Time/Date_Out

Bonus if you can get summaries.
Double Bonus if you can duplicate Time/Date_In and format as Date in one column and as Time in another.



Just to add a bith more…

I’ve used lots of relational databases. I’m having a hard time getting the results I want from Airtable. Really easy to import and look at data, but having a very hard time getting the output I’d like.

In the above example I can get the info I want just using one table, grouping records, and adding Summaries. But very limited in trying to put that result on paper for others. I thought the page designer block would make it possible, but I can’t get it to give me the results I’m looking for. I’m thinking of it as a report writer, but it isn’t even allowing the rather simple task of the timesheet example. Am I missing something?




Do you have these in the base as a series of In/Out records linked to an employee record? If so, you can roll up the In/Out records using ARRAYJOIN(values,'\n') as the aggregation function and then drop the rolled-up value into Page Designer as a block of text. (Unfortunately, to get them into chronological order you’ll most likely have to import them in reverse chronological order, but that’s a topic for a later day.)

For summaries (total hours worked, I assume), calculate elapsed hours on each In/Out linked record and then roll up the calculated field using SUM(values) as your aggregation function.

For date and time in separate columns (not exactly sure what you want, but my best guess), parse Time/Date_In Time/Date_Out into its component pieces and roll up each component as first described above. Position columns as desired.


I am trying to do something like this. I have a list of items for sale at an auction and want to print invoices ( blocks ) by bidder number and rollup the total of the winning bids for each bidder. I cannot seem to see how to list several items on one page. They are all on the same table. I do not have linked tables.

Please send any advice!


You need a Items table and Bidders table, and relate a bidder with his items. You add a Page Designer for the Bidder and add those items in a table format. You could have a Rollup field in the Bidders table summing up the items cost, and of course add it to the Page Designer invoices.