Page Designer Button: Attach to Email for Sending

It would be great to jump straight from Page Designer into an email with the page attached, whether that would be handled internally, or by Outlook, etc… (also with ability to pull email from a field would be a bonus!)

Currently, we have to hit the Print button, then Print To PDF, then name and save the PDF, then go to email, then compose a message, then type in email address, then hit attachment, then browse to the folder where it was saved, and then attach it… and I have to do this on many in a row! Ug!


I predict that before you see this functionality in Airtable, you’ll have used something like iMacros 10,000 times. :wink:

Yeah, this would be okay, except that iMacros cannot control my email program.

That’s unfortunate. Leaves you with few options. What about?

  1. Web Clipper -> Airtable
  2. Airtable -> Zapier
  3. Zapier -> Email