Page Designer / Gallery View Help


Hello All!

I am trying to recreate the below set up into my Airtable base:

Unfortunately, it seems with the Gallery View it gets way too long with no way of widening the record so I can’t print it without cutting everything in the middle.

I can’t do a Page Designer block because I want to be able to edit this information in real time and I want to be able to filter out Closed items.

Does anyone have a solution to this I am not seeing?? Such as how to format better.



Unfortunately, no, there’s not an easy way to replicate something like that in Airtable other than the Page Designer block.

If you are dead-set on using Airtable, you might want to consider trying a different workflow or way of viewing your data that highlights Airtable’s strengths, rather than trying to shoehorn a different system’s workflow into Airtable.

I’m happy to help with suggestions if you want to explain your workflow a bit - what do you need to accomplish, and how do you need to go about accomplishing it?

As a side-note, it’s possible to expand a record you are viewing in the Page Designer block in order to edit it pretty quickly, and then press esc to close it back into the Page Designer view – not a terribly painful process.

Also, it’s possible to have your Page Designer block based on a view that filters out “Closed” records, as you state, so that they do not show up in the Page Designer block. If you expanded an “Open” record from the Page Designer block, and then marked it as “Closed”, and hit esc, you’d be brought back to the Page Designer block, but the record you just closed wouldn’t be there anymore.

2nd EDIT
The Page Designer block doesn’t “actively” or “automatically” refresh to filter out records that have been filtered out of the view it is linked to – so I have to amend my statement above by saying that if you “Close” a record, and then go back to the Page Designer view, you have to use the menu to “Refresh the Block” in order for the record to disappear from the Block.

So the short of it is, its possible to do something similar to what you’re wanting with the Page Designer Block, but it’s definitely not ideal.