Page Designer - Group by Project then by Date


In Page Designer is it possible to group and total by date?
I am trying to do something like this for an invoice of project tasks.
Project,Category, & Task are separate tables and of course there is a table for Invoices.


You can add Order rules but not Grouping.


Yes - It looked that way to me.
You can achieve grouping by how you select the table to be used in page designer.
If you design a report of Line Items for the Project Table I can get something like this.
With this method i suppose i could create a DayWorked Table that has a record of each day worked and the task Items attached to it. I think this would group by date then if i used it as the source table in page designer and then lookedup the Items table. The example below is grouped by Project in Page Designer by setting it up this way. The only columns that seems to work like this is the record ID Column that comes in with the LINK… so you have to formula into the ID what you want to see on the invoice… It’s a hack but sort’of works.