Page Designer - Linked Records Table multi page


I am working on a base where I want to produce a ‘page’ for records with a table of linked records which could contain anything from 30 to 250+ records. It would be great if this could be accommodated in page designer by allowing the table to be variable length and to paginate sensibly by repeating headings on new pages etc.


I think this is a good idea. I would welcome this


Hi Dan,

For now the only work around I have found for this is creating a “custom” page size and just doubling or tripling the page length. The only issue with this is that you might have to go to your printer settings (not Airtable print settings) and adjust the margins so any text does not get cut off. This will just continue the list onto multiple pages but does not repeat headings on the new pages. Let me know if this gets updated or you find another work around.



The only other work-around I’ve found is to export all records then create a pivot table. I know there’s a pivot table block in Airtable, but it’s not as robust as I need it to be.