Page Designer: locking to one view

Hello! I have a Page Designer block set up that I’m embedding onto a SharePoint page so it can be viewed (read-only) by my team. I don’t want people to be able to change the table view that the records are pulling from, but I don’t see a way to remove that drop down. Also, I have to make sure that the view I want Page Designer to use is the first view in the list of views for that table, since it always defaults to the top view in the embedded window. Is there a way to lock it to that specific view that I want it to pull records from?


I’m coming across this same exact need! When embedding views you have the option to show view controls or not (see image), but not for the Page Designer embeds!

I’ve been dealing with the same problem. The solution that I’ve found is having only one view in the table that Page Designer is looking at.

If you need more than one view for other purposes, perhaps you could sync your table into another base, and then sync the table in base #2 back to a new table in base #1. Then run the Page Designer off of that table? That seems rather convoluted, but I believe it will work until we are able to lock the PD to specific views.