Page Designer - Multiple pages not printing

Hi. I have created a template on page designer that allows me to print off labels with content from my records. Each record has up to 8 labels (split across two sheets of A4). Looks amazing but when I try to print, only the first page is printing? How do I get the additional pages to print? I have tried changing print and page sizes to ‘lengthen’ the custom page to the equivalent of two A4 sheets but it didn’t work. Is this only a one page tool?

Using a single record to print multiple labels in a single Page Designer layout is likely the reason you’re hitting the one-page printing problem. What’s recommended for a case like this is to design a layout for a single label that comes from a single record. The “page” size for that layout should match the size of a single label you’re printing, not the physical page on which it will ultimately print. When you go to print, you’ll have to switch the print-page size to match at full sheet of labels, and it will print multiple pages correctly to accommodate all records in your table.

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