Page Designer - Only first page prints, then 55 blank ones

Using Page Designer to create station manifests for events and they look amazing on screen, not so much on paper. Only the first page prints, the rest of the pages are blank. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but still getting blank pages.

When I print I see this instruction: “You’ll need to manually enable background images and/or background colors in your print settings in order to make the page print properly.” What does that mean? Where do I change this setting and how do I change it?

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To make it weirder, the blank page only happens when I use a Windows machine. When I print to PDF on my Mac, all the pages are there. However, some fields are not fully displaying. Images with transparent backgrounds now print with a black background.

This page designer block is cool, it looks great online, but printing to PDF or paper doesn’t give you what you see on screen. Seem very quirky.

I have the same problem. First page okay, the other ones blank.

Still happening. Page designer is cool, but it sucks if you actually want to print something.

I solved my problem by choosing

at “Settings” the record size “Legal”

and “Print” settings the paper size “A4”

maybe it’s because I don’t have a mac