Page Designer PDF Output Not Text Characters


I’m trying to copy and paste content out of PDF files generated from Airtable Page Designer Block and having problems. Opening the pdf in illustrator reveals that there is no text content in the PDF, just vector elements. Am I missing a setting here, this would lead to huge PDF files that are fairly useless for sharing data. Anyone else notice this?

Page Designer almost unusable?

If I print as PDF from page designer, all of my text is selectable, “printing” from Chrome on OSX and opening in Preview or Chrome. The only non-selectable text in my blocks is for single-select fields—those display colored with borders. If you want to fix that specific issue, just make a formula field with the single select text and use that instead. I believe Page Designer is largely designed to display data, not to share raw data, I would recommend download CSV for sharing data.


Thank you for your reply.

I’m actually getting mixed results depending on the base. However my test is with single line text field, not select fields. Here is a test document with a single field put into a list format.

The odd thing is the text is selectable in the preview but not in the pdf. On another base I did a test and got character based text in the PDF.

Thanks also for suggestion of csv but that is not relevant here. Text in PDF output should be characters, not vectors, which is what I’m getting sometimes. I understand the use of csv but that doesn’t address the problem I’m having.

I also tried Microsoft Print to PDF & Save as PDF drivers (I have 2 pdf output options) both with the same results.